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(Thich Nhat Hanh) When you learn about the teaching and the practice of another tradition, you always have a chance to understand your own teaching and practice.

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Mitsuyo was born in Osaka as a third generation overseas Taiwan Chinese. Her grandfather chose to use the name, Rikuhashi, a fusion of Chinese and Japanese characters meaning 'land' and 'bridge', respectively. This name represents what she is now; a bridge between different cultures. After graduating from SOAS, University of London, with a degree in Sinology | Art History | Archaeology, Mitsuyo worked extensively in tourism and service industry as a licensed tour guide of Austria. She also obtained a diploma in interpreting | translation from the University of Bath, and worked as a licensed interpreter all over Europe, helping international clients to successfully communicate with each other. This experience enabled her to understand cultural aspects of various countries. As a hybrid herself of Japanese, Chinese, English and Austrian, she is keenly aware of their diversities. Her strength lies in being able to transform these diversities into a positive dynamism. She is available to support her clients from different cultures to enhance communication amongst them.