Intercultural Management

Working in a global team at multinational locations is increasingly becoming a norm in today’s business scenario. In such settings, communication pattern of each member will inevitably be influenced by his/her own cultural background. These diversities are often sited as the causes of misunderstandings, mistrust, misjudgment and other unwelcome outcomes. In short, possessing intercultural awareness and competence is the basis of achieving success in each stage of a business project (e.g. negotiation, project development, marketing, team building, management, etc.).

In our intercultural communication and team building trainings, the participants work on transforming these diversities into a positive dynamic. We support the clients from different cultures to enhance communication amongst them. Our country-specific trainings will enable clients to understand themselves on various cultural aspects as well as business practices of each country. We consider information input as an important part of our program, however, our experience confirms that using a non-directive, interactive method accelerates the learning process of our participants. Some difficulties result not only from intercultural differences but from interpersonal differences. For such specific conflict situations, one-to-one coaching is available based on a trust-building method.